“...we are very appreciative of your professionalism and support. The house is beautiful.”  G.C

“We requested and got a home which exquisitely combines elements of passive solar, high mass, high insulation values, earth berming and universal design principles. The house works magnificently.” MS/FR

“ Howard has a wealth of knowledge in design and construction with valuable ideas in the areas of renewable resources, eco-sensitive building materials, retrofitting, cost savings, and value. All of IDC’s designs incorporated a high level of energy efficiency and integrity. In working with many different construction methods, materials and sites, the most appropriate to each building’s form and function was the result.” JK

“We enjoyed the whole process- the dreaming, imagining, planning and then watching the execution of your masterful design. We are proud to tell everyone that you designed the project.”   G&DG

“(the house) is exactly what we hoped to build, but it has turned out nicer than we ever imagined or thought possible. You did a very good job of turning our poorly articulated ideas into just the kind of house we wanted.” G&LC